DAMPFree Hanging Moisture Absorber 400g

June 7, 2021

Designed to hang in enclosed spaces, it protects clothes and items from excess moisture that causes damage. It replaces musty-odored stagnant air with fresher, healthier air and a mild fresh lemon scent. See the product work as the moisture collects in the compartment below.



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What DampFree Does

  1. Prevents growth of fungus, mold and mildew
  2. Eliminates odor caused due to dampness
  3. Decreases the incidence of allergies
  4. Controls corrosion caused due to condensation and protects equipment
  5. Counteracts the development of mites
  6. Cares for your clothes, electronic items, fabric, skin, furniture, leather goods, carpets and upholstery, etc

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How the Hanging Moisture Absorber works

Phase 1: Excess moisture absorbed into the white crystals. The white crystals will begin to harden and from a solid mass. You may not see liquid dripping into the lower chamber at this stage.

Phase 2 : Excess moisture will most likely be dripping in the lower chamber. You can actually see it working. The lower chamber will be about 1/2 full of liquid.

Phase 3 : All of the white crystals will dissolve and the lower chamber will fill with liquid. You will still see a small line of yellow freshener beads in the top chamber of the Hanging Moisture Absorber product. At this time discard the entire Hanging Moisture Absorber product in the trash and replace it with a new one.