DAMPFree's researched formulation attracts and absorbs excess moisture from the air and dissolves with it into the water that you see in the lower compartment.
Mildew and mold require 70-90% relative humidity to grow. When the relative humidity is below 62% mold does not grow.
Once the humidity reaches an optimal level (of around 50%) DAMPFree slows down and then restarts when the humidity increases again. This does not allow the air to get excessively dry. Thus, the product is chemically designed not to dry the air to a level that damages plants, animals, or clothing.
Once the relative humidity drops below 60%, the calcium chloride becomes dormant, slows down and will restart again when necessary. This is designed to be cost efficient for the consumer because the product works when it should and not when it does not have to.

Why is DAMPFree better than the other

Dehumidifying Alternatives?

Electric Dehumidifiers

You cannot have many electric dehumidifiers in your house or office. Moreover, DAMPFree is available at a fraction of the cost of an electric dehumidifier. Plus, you do not need any electricity. In addition to this, an electric Dehumidifier will keep drying the air, sometimes even excessively and thus needs to be operated regularly putting it on and off.

Silica Gel

The absorption capacity of desiccants like Silica Gel is around 12-15% of its weight, while the absorption capacity of DAMPFree's formulation is 130-150% of its weight, thus being more than10 times that of Silica Gel. Moreover, Silica Gel is a known toxic substance, now being banned in certain countries, while DAMPFree is a completely safe, inorganic salt formulation, safe for children, plants, pets and the environment.

Other Options

Using air conditioning, which cools and dries out air, fans and exhaust fans and opening windows and doors to air out closed in or poorly ventilated spaces are some of the other ways to drive out excessive moisture. However, these are all subject to weather conditions, use a lot of electricity and require your constant presence.

What are the various dos and don'ts

to keep in mind?

1. There is no need to cut the Hanging Moisture Absorber. When all of the white crystals are gone, discard the entire Moisture Absorber in the trash.
2. Do not break up the white crystals if they turn hard and form one solid mass. This is a normal part of the process through which the white crystals absorb the excess moisture.
3. Do not break up or squeeze the crystal mass in the lower chamber of the collected liquid. This generally occurs when there is a rapid temperature change. As the white crystals collect more moisture, the crystal mass will begin to dissolve.
4. The yellow beads are merely fragrance beads that give the Moisture Absorber its fresh scent, do not worry about them.
5. The Moisture Absorber is not entirely spill-proof but the protective cover does help make the Disposable Moisture Absorber spill-resistant. If the Disposable Moisture Absorber is flipped over for an extended period of time the protective cover may become saturated and some of the collected liquid may seep out.
6. Salt crystals that resemble ice crystals are sometimes found in the lower chamber of the product, this can be caused by a sudden change in either temperature or humidity. To get rid of the crystals, run water over the ice crystals until the formation dissolves.

Where to use


From a small drawer to a room or warehouse, DAMPFree can be used anywhere within any interior space. However, we will add that DAMPFree will be less effective in open environments. DAMPFree comes in directly usable packs to avoid all hassles of placement and storage and is available in various sizes.

Note: DAMPFree is non-toxic and does not emit any type of fumes, gas or vapor. But as with all other household chemicals, DAMPFree should be kept in areas out of the reach of children.

How the Hanging Moisture

Absorber Works?

Dampfree Why Phase1
Phase 1

Excess moisture absorbed into the white crystals. The white crystals will begin to harden and from a solid mass. You may not see liquid dripping into the lower chamber at this stage.

Dampfree Why Phase2
Phase 2

Excess moisture will most likely be dripping in the lower chamber. You can actually see it working. The lower chamber will be about 1/2 full of liquid.

Dampfree Why Phase3
Phase 3

All of the white crystals will dissolve and the lower chamber will fill with liquid. You will still see a small line of yellow freshener beads in the top chamber of the Hanging Moisture Absorber product. At this time discard the entire Hanging Moisture Absorber product in the trash and replace it with a new one.