Asked Questions

Why does DAMPFree become a hard solid mass?

DAMPFree is composed of a specially processed formulation of calcium chloride - a type of salt. Because of its salt properties, as it begins to absorb moisture it begins to swell thus becoming a hard solid mass. When the upper basket has completely solidified and absorbed as much moisture as possible, it will begin releasing water to the lower chamber of the product.

Does DAMPFree have any damaging effects due to continuous use?

Once the humidity reaches an optimal level (of around 50%), DAMPFree slows down and then restarts when the humidity increases again. This does not allow the air to get excessively dry. Thus, the product is chemically designed not to dry the air to a level that damages plants, animals, or clothing.

How is the growth of mold and mildew checked by DAMPFree?

Mildew and mold require 70-90% relative humidity to grow. When the relative humidity is below 62%, mold does not grow.

Is DAMPFree cost-efficient?

Once the relative humidity drops below 60%, then DAMPFree becomes dormant, slows down and will restart again when necessary. This is designed to be cost-efficient for the consumer because the product works when it should and stops when it does not have to.

How long does DAMPFree last?

The duration it takes for DAMPFree to release water to the bottom container will vary depending on how much moisture is in the air, the area that you are covering and the humidity being replaced. Sometimes this will take up to a month, sometimes longer or sometimes much quicker.

Does DAMPFree affect leather and metal?

As DAMPFree is a salt product, if the absorbed moisture, and the resultant brine, comes in contact with metal for a long period of time, the metal will corrode. Similarly, with prolonged exposure, the product can absorb the moisture in leather, leaving it hard and wrinkled.

What happens if DAMPFree accidentally spills?

When some of the collected liquid spills, use a wet/dry vacuum or towel to absorb as much of the liquid as you can. Continue to pour regular tap water onto the spill to dilute the concentration of the liquid. If you don't dilute or clean the spot, the spilled liquid will continue to absorb excess moisture and the spot may get larger.

Why does DAMPFree get discolored?

The DAMPFree liquid can get rusty-colored due to trace of mineral deposits that are found in calcium chloride. This may not be true in every batch but it can happen. Discoloration may also occur because of some impurities in the manufacturing process of the white crystals. While absorbing excess moisture, the crystals also pull any dust particles in the excess moisture into the Refillable Moisture Absorber.

How do you dispose of DAMPFree?

You can simply throw it in your trash.

Does DAMPFree get over faster than usual sometimes?

DAMPFree works faster when opened for the first time to get the moisture level to the optimum level and then slows down, hence your DampFree may get over faster initially and when replaced again will work as per days stated on the pack or may vary a bit as per the condition of the room and the moisture level present in the room.

What if one swallows DAMPFree by mistake?

The crystals used in DAMPFree are absolutely safe and non toxic .If swallowed by mistake the person/pets will immediately spit t out due to its raw/sour taste like unprocessed salt. The mouth and throat will feel dry. Rinse immediately with a lot of water.