Protects - From Damage Caused by Moisture

    Indoor moisture and humidity can damage various items in the home, not to mention cause allergens harmful to health. Thus it becomes essential to control the levels of moisture.
  1. DampFree protects from problems like staining, rusting, rotting, warping, peeling, crumbling, sagging, curling and causing complete ruin.
  2. DampFree protects one's health by reducing moisture levels and hence the generation of allergens caused due it.
  3. DampFree protects clothes, electronic items, fabric, furniture, leather goods, carpets, upholstery and stored goods from damage, and prevents possible corrosion due to moisture.
  4. DampFree protects items like jewellery from getting blackened and developing stains on it, often caused due to oxidization, the result of excessive moisture.
  5. DampFree works as a vaccine, protecting your rooms from the growth of moulds and fungus and musty odors and all problems arising due to excess of moisture (humidity).
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