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    DampFree maintains an ideal relative humidity by removing excess moisture from the air naturally and automatically to just the right level. DampFree absorbs the extra moisture and musty odors in the air, making your environ healthier, drier and fresher.
  1. DampFree removes musty smells from less ventilated areas like closets and gym lockers, promoting odor-free spaces.
  2. DampFree promotes healthier indoor air that is important for optimum health and well-being. Excess moisture is by far one of the most damaging air quality offenders. This can be caused by external factors like flooding, severe weather or high humidity and even normal activities like showering, doing the laundry, leaks, steamy kitchens, daily floor mopping, indoor fountains and poor ventilation.
  3. DampFree promotes the longevity of a variety of materials from books, wood, carpets, upholstery, electronic items etc.
  4. DampFree promotes an enjoyable drive in your car as it takes care of the white film of moldy growth often seen on the steering wheel and upholstery in the monsoons. It also drives away musty odors, making your car odor-free without the need for overpowering heavy scents.
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