Prevents - Mold, Mildew & Fungus Growth

    One of DampFree's biggest functions is controlling the spread of mold and mildew (know more about mold and mildew) which often stain household items.
  1. By keeping a check on excessive humidity, DampFree prevents the growth of mold and mildew and any subsequent damage.
  2. Health issues relating to allergen-caused excess moisture can thus be prevented bythe use of DampFree. Problems like asthma, arthritis, skin irritation, allergies, rhinitis, itching etc. can be substantially reduced by keeping the moisture under control.
  3. DampFree prevents mold stains, spots, and fungus films that form on your walls, curtains, upholstery, clothes, documents, shower curtains, leather, shoes, bags etc. especially in high moisture and less ventilated areas. This ensures lower maintenance and reduced repair costs.
  4. Condensation caused due to the use of periodic air-conditioning often damages electronic gadgets causing their metal components and circuitry to corrode and oxidize faster. Use of DampFree puts a check on this damage, enhancing the life of gadgets.
    What is mold and mildew? Mold and mildew are types of fungi, found both outdoors and indoors. When found indoors in homes and offices, mold thrives on natural fabrics and materials, attacking furniture, fabrics, clothing, rugs and carpet. It also grows on walls and ceilings and under flooring. Mold and mildew both thrive in water, high humidity and damp conditions. Mold grows faster in warm temperatures and humidity.

    Mold exposure can cause several health problems like irritation of the eyes, skin, nose and throat and can trigger off asthmatic attacks. Mold also produces allergens, substances that cause allergic reactions. While you may not always spot the growth of mold in your home or office, you may however, be able to smell it as it emits a “musty” smell.

    Prevent the menace of mold and mildew, use DampFree!
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